User Guide

Colombot is very easy to use. First go to

Then, scroll down or click to Shop menu to access plans.

Select which plan you want to use and you will reach to plan details page.

Quantity is important here. If you want to buy it for 3 months, select a monthly plan and increase quantity to 3.  After click Add to cart go to Cheackout page.

Fill all fields and click to Place order button. If you are not a member, system will push you to register.

You are in Payment page. Send payment to BTC address shown on the page. After payment confirm, you bot will be ready in 1 minute. You can access you bot via link on top menu. If you bought Poloniex bot, click to My Poloniex menu. If you bought Bittrex bot, click to My Bittrex menu.  When you click to menu, it will redirect you to bot page.

Default username will be admin and password will be admin. Don’t forget to change your password on Password Change page.

Now you are in Colombot Panel Dashboard.

You have to enter API Key and API Secret. Otherwise, bot doesn’t work. You can generate that key and secret on your Poloniex or Bittrex account. Don’t forget to disable withdrawal permission.

Colombot works via rules. You define rules and it buys and sells for you.

-Select an altcoin

-Select buy type (It defines in which condition the rule will realize)

-Select Time

-Select Buy %

For example, If you select buy type as “Price (-)”, Time as 1 hour and Select Buy % as 5%, It means, if that altcoin decrease 5% in 1 hour, the rule will happen.

-Select on Profit % (Sell Profit)

-Stop Loss

You can follow your rules from Rules page. You can edit, pause, play and delete it. But it doesn’t effect your older actions. You can manage you older actions from Open Orders page.

You can cancel your open orders and you can sell them immediately.